ABOUT Gallery Kojima
Gallery Kojima is a gallery located in Kokubunji.
The representative Toshio Kojima is a grandson of Japanese oil painter Zenzaburo KOJIMA (1893−1962) . After studying at Nihonbashi Gallery that was run by his uncle Kojima Tetsuo, he opened Gallery Kojima in Aoyama in1981. After that, the gallery was moved to Ginza in 1997, and to Roppongi in 2004, and then to “APT on the hill” which is a building designed by Terunobu Fujimori in Kokubunji in 2014.

We mainly deal in the works of Japanese modern and contemporary artists such as “Zenzaburo Kojima” “Hiroki Oda” “Ryonosuke Fukui” “Tomio Miki” “Fukumi Shimura” and more. Also, we deal in the art crafts such as the  Japanese and various tribal antique textiles. We collect and sell the venturous works of all ages and countries on the basis of our concept “Esprit Sauvage (Spirit of Wild)”. We hold exhibitions of our collection several times a year.
In recent years, we published the catalogue raisonne of Zenzaburo Kojima and are working hard for internationalization of Japanese modern arts in cooperation with Asian markets.

You can see the works of Zenzaburo Kojima, and our collection of Japanese tribal antique textiles on following digital archives.

Kojima Zenzaburo Digital Archive ;
Indigo Borocollage ;
Ware house of indigo items
There is the warehouse built of the chestnut behind the APT on the hill. We have a various and good quality collection of textiles there. If you are interested, please feel free to observe the inside of it.
From the work example
The representative Toshio Kojima is a grandson of Zenzaburo Kojima(an oil painter 1893−1962). He has engaged in various business activities to make everyone aware of Zenzaburo’s works for many years. He gives an expert opinion on Zenzaburo’s works by the knowledge what was acquired through those works,
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The issuance of certificates 40,000 yen (without tax)
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