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(会期延長!!)こんなに素敵な画家がいました 追悼 エマニュエル シャメルト展

Exposition hommage à EMMANUEL SCHAMELHOUT - C'était un artiste si merveilleux, nous ne l'oublions pas

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“こんなに素敵な画家がいました  追悼 エマニュエル シャメルト展”
会期: 2023年7月8日(土) − 8月6日(日) 8月13日まで会期延長  12:00-18:00 (月曜休廊)
場所: 兒嶋画廊 (国分寺市泉町1-5-16)
問合せ: eakojima@gmail.com    tel.042-207-7918
特別協力: Lilian Pudles さん
ご協力: 小川佳夫、菅野正弘、北村さゆり、辻耕、中山二郎、長橋秀樹、花澤洋太、藤村克裕、向井三郎 (敬称略、五十音順)

エマニュエルさんをご存知無い方も、どうぞお出かけくださいませ。 (お花を一輪、お持ち頂けますと有り難く存じます)

Memorial Exhibition of EMMANUEL SCHAMELHOUT – What a wonderful artist, we’ll never forget
July 8th – Aug 6th extend to Aug.13th, 2023  12:00-18:00 (Closed on Mondays)
Gallery Kojima
eakojima@gmail.com         landline.+81-42-207-7918

Exposition hommage à EMMANUEL SCHAMELHOUT – C’était un artiste si merveilleux, nous ne l’oublions pas
8 juillet – 13 août 2023  12:00-18:00 (Fermé le lundi)
Galerie Kojima
eakojima@gmail.com        tel. +81-42-207-7918
Supported by  Lilian Pudles,
Yoshio Ogawa, Masahiro Kanno, Sayuri Kitamura, Ko Tsuji, Jiro Nakayama, Hideki Nagahashi, Yota Hanazawa, Katsuhiro Fujimura, and Saburo Mukai



Exposition hommage à EMMANUEL SCHAMELHOUT展を開催します。
そのメインコンセプトEsprits Animauxと共に私達はいつまでも一体であると確信しています。
兒嶋画廊    兒嶋俊郎
We are pleased to announce the exhibition “Exposition hommage à EMMANUEL SCHAMELHOUT” in memory of the French artist Emmanuel Schamelhout, who passed away in May 2019.
My first encounter with Emmanuel was in around 1990, and in 1992, he held his first solo exhibition at Gallery Kojima, which was then located in Jingumae 3-chome, Shibuya Tokyo. We had another solo show of his the following year, and another one in 1995 as well. In 1994, we had a show with him at NICAF, an art fair held at Pacifico Yokohama.
We became good friends soon after we met. We shared wonderful times playing chess in the courtyard in front of the gallery, and crafting birds out of bamboo strips, found wooden pieces and Japanese paper. We also had fun having good conversations and drinking wine together.
At the time, he used a wide variety of expressions including etching and assemblage using discarded objects, and after returning to France, he devoted a large part of his creation to ceramics, creating humorous figures of chess pieces. A part of them will be displayed in this exhibition.
When I received the news of his death from his wife, Lillian, four years ago, I was simply astonished, and great sadness came up again and again like a Tsunami as understanding the reality.
I don’t really know how to explain… should I say innocence or unselfishness of his…But the purity of his humanity, that is so pure and seeks nothing in return, holds our hearts and minds. Beautiful colors and harmony. The figures created by the hand moving ahead of the image give us a blissful peace of mind.
I believe that his artistic reputation in France will begin to gain momentum in the near future, but before that, I would like to introduce the charm of Emmanuel to art lovers around the world from Gallery Kojima. Both our gallery logo and also the APT on the hill symbol mark were designed by him. With our main concept “Esprits Animaux,” we will always be one with his spirit.
We pray for Emanuel’s repose and hope to share the true value of his work with as many people as possible.
Toshio Kojima, Gallery Kojima


うさぎ 油彩 38×43cm


うさぎ 油彩 38×43cm


うさぎ 油彩 38×43cm


うさぎ 油彩 38×43cm


emmanuel_手紙を書いているポールs   emmanuel_跪いて野菜を取るマルタs
左: 手紙を書いているポール    右: ひざまづいて野菜をとるマルタ




マルガニータ_IMG_20230604_195601   カマンベールIMG_20230604_200557






チェス駒_DSC0002     チェス駒_DSC0008     チェス駒_DSC9939

チェス駒_DSC9947     チェス駒_DSC9969     チェス駒_DSC9992




エマニュエル_版画_DSC9931     エマニュエル_版画_DSC9929



エマニュエル_版画_DSC9935     エマニュエル_版画_DSC9934



エマニュエル_版画_DSC9937       エマニュエル_版画_DSC9932






展覧会ポスター 1995年













(Born in Paris. Date of birth and passing away : 30th August, 1958 – 18th May, 2019)

1976-78 Ecole Nationale de Photographie Louis Lumière, Paris
1983-88 Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris
Ateliers Pierre Alechinsky and Jan Voss
Graduation summa cum laude, with congratulations from the jury
1989-96 Scholarship, Ministry of Culture, Japan
1993 Master degree, Tokyo University of the Arts
1993-95 Postgraduate studies, Tokyo University of the Arts
Solo exhibitions
1989 A. Chanot Cultural Centre, Clamart, France
1992 Kojima Gallery, Tokyo
1993 Institut Franco-Japonais, Tokyo
Fondation Za Mocca, Tokyo
1993 International Contemporary Art Fair (NICAF), Kojima Gallery, Yokohama
Trans-cultural Space, Ginza-Shanghai, Tokyo
1995 Kojima Gallery, Tokyo
1996 Institut Franco-Japonais, Tokyo
Chinretsukan, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo
Yokohama Galleria, Yokohama
2003 La notion de lapin, Mamia Brétéché Gallery, Paris
2004 Kojima Gallery, Tokyo
2007 Vues du Placard, Room, Gentilly
2011 Artothèque La Plaine, Cachan
2012 Ceramics, Room Gentilly
Paintings, Cachan Police Station
2013 Tableaux choisis, Anis Gras, Arcueil
2014 Hosoki and Schamelhout, Orangerie Cachan
Emmanuel Schamelhout’s Art Books, Xylophile, Annot
2015 Emmanuel Schamelhout’s Engravings, E.T.R Balistic, Arcueil
2016 Lapins, poules et lapins, Les Parasols, Rungis
Livre en fête, Art Books, Boris Bojnev Art Centre, Forcalquier
2018 Engravings and Ceramics, Editions Caractères Gallery, Paris
Groupe exhibitions
1985, 86 Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Paris
1985,87, 88 Salon de Mai, Paris
1986 Leifsgade 22, Copenhague
1987 Hôtel de Chimay, Copenhague
1988 Atelier Alechinsky, Maison des Beaux-Arts Gallery, Paris
1989 Vejle Gallery, Danemark
1994 JBC Gallery, Tokyo
1995 Inoue Gallery, Tokyo
1997 Salon de Montrouge
Salon de Vitry
1998 Espace d’Art Intermittent, Lycée Descartes, Antony
Les Déchaînés, Exhibition on Human Rights, Les Parasols, Rungis
1999 Animathèque, Sceaux
2000 C’est ça Gallery, Copenhague
2001 Rathaus Gallery, Berlin
2002 Rencontres 2002, Painting Award A. Marin, Julio Gonzalez Gallery, Arcueil
2005 Mamia Brétéché Gallery, Paris
2006 Atelier Pierre Alechinsky 1986, 20 ans après, π37 Gallery, Athènes
Céramiques insolites, Saint-Galmier (Loire)
2007 Vers Paris, Tokyo University of the Arts Museum, Niigata Modern Art Museum MOA Art Museum, Japon
2008 10th International Festival of Art Singulier, Aubagne
2009 Antony Biennale, Maison des Arts, Antony
Céramiques insolites, Saint-Galmier
2010 Cachan Biennale
2011 Hors les normes Biennale, Lyon
2013 La Collection, Dijon Archaeological Museum
2014 Journée de l’Estampe, Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris
2017 Biennale de Gentilly
Les Gardiens de l’Art et de la Paix, Hauts de Seine Prefecture
2018 La Cachotterie, Cachan
Interstices, Engravings, ETR Balistic, Arcueil
Artist in residence
2006 Building and firing of Anagama kilns, Tuilerie de Pouligny, Chéniers, France
2007 Ceramist’s residence with Akiyama Shôzan, Obie (Hyogo), Japan
2008 Creation of a ceramic sculpture in situ, Tuilerie de Pouligny, Chéniers, France
Public collection
Tokyo University of the Arts
2010 Ecole Normale Supérieure Cachan Award
2016 Ecole Normale Supérieure Cachan Award
2016 Pris E.N.S. Cachan




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